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WLIN Kenya launches with first Business Lunch

After the lauching ceremony on February 28th 2019, on March 6th 2019, WLIN Kenya organized the first Business Lunch successfully with the participation of many women leaders in Nairobi, Kenya



The Women Leaders International Network – Kenya kicked off in Nairobi City, the capital of Kenya on February 28th 2019 at the gala held at the Kempisnki Villa Rosa- Hotel . The city has a nice charm to it and is diverse in terms of culture, business and population. Described as “the green city under the sun”, Nairobi is the only capital city known to have a National Park in the core of the capital. WLIN Kenya was proud to launch itself and host their first business lunch on the 7th March, 2019, at the prestigious Emory Hotel in Kileleshwa.



A few memorable moments in the launching ceremony of WLIN Kenya

The business lunch could not be at a more perfect time, situated just at the dawn of the International Women’s Day, the guest speaker, also President of WLIN-Kenya, Mrs Caroline Verkaik gave an empowering talk on the “Empowerment of Women”. She asked her audience the thought provoking questions of who empowers a woman. What does it mean to empower a modern women no matter her background and context? She went on and shared her life story on career, marriage up to her daily mundane life situations which the audience amassed and delighted to be a part of. Mrs Verkaik tied this societal gap of women empowerment by asking the ladies to start from their grassroots, from their neighbour, from their networks and business partners, which is the anthem and philosophy of the Women Leaders International Networking – WLIN Global.


Mrs Caroline Verkaik – President of WLIN Kenya




Mrs. Verkaik’s talk was marked by her counterpart from Voice of Our Child-Kenya (VOOC), which is an organization that offers an all-rounded mentorship to children and youth from the age of 6 years up to their adult transition. Ms Joy Wanjiru gave several situations of neglect of family values that transcend to the child and mostly are blamed on the mother. The organization helps to foster both children and their parents by having separate meetings, not only between the young boys and the girls, but also a group meeting with the parents and or guardians of the children in the curriculum. The ladies in attendance received VOOC’s message with good light and Ms Joy Wanjiru hopes to build her network among working mothers doing working the double shift,  not become the nexus of their children’s or family’s downfall.


Mrs. Amb Alice Kamunge – Founder Vera Beauty and Fashion College, Founder Miss Tourism Kenya, Director of Vera Institutes; Mrs. Makena Mbogori Chweya – CEO of Ushindi Communication Ltd; Mrs. Roselyn Njuguna – Director of Kupatia. They are key partners of WLIN Kenya



The group afterwards broke for lunch and the cool occasional refreshment as Kenya is just about to wrap up its hot and sunny season. The ladies gathered up, engaged in conversation as they enjoyed their first business working lunch with WLIN Kenya. Eager to hear more about WLIN Global and the benefits of becoming a member Mrs Rose Njuguna and Mrs Verkaik, gave a professional presentation on WLIN Global, highlighting Mrs. Helen Nguyen -President of WLIN Global – Success story hailing from Vietnam. The presentation showcased the processes of becoming a member and partner of WLIN Kenya and the amazing benefits a member receives. Asia-African relationship has been key to the success of the Global South and this opportunity comes with the advantage of building women in a relatively male-dominated industry.



Women leaders in Kenya enjoyed the first meeting

The attention of WLIN Kenya is on creating solid networks domestically and globally. The endless connection WLIN Global has offered is a water fountain many Kenyan women are anxious to watch and dive. This experience is being facilitated by an able team situated in the thriving city of Nairobi, at Pioneer House Kenyatta Avenue, office number 315, on the 3rd floor of the building. Kenyan business women and subsequent members are welcome to visit us at the office. We launched the office on the 8th March 2019 and was graced by models yearning to meet the reigning Mrs Pennsylvania for a photo session and adorn her with parting Kenyan gifts and amulets as she was leaving the country that night. This celebratory moment turned sour after the ribbon cutting ceremony as the president held a preliminary meeting to set the standards of this organization and left in a rush to beat the Nairobi traffic to the airport.



WLIN Kenya is dedicated to uplifting the modern women and looks forward to bridging the economic and social gaps in society by developing strong networks in the nation and extending her hand to the East. We hope to make the experience of every member life changing for a better today and a better future to instil “More beautiful – More successful – Happier”

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