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Runner-up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong has become strategic consultant of Mylina Group

During the past year, Runner up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong (Helen Nguyen) has succeeded in many outstanding media projects, in the position of General Director of Nam Huong Corp, she has constantly proved her great expertise in the fields of strategic consultant and brand development.

Runner up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong is a talented woman leader who works and successes in many different fields. Currently, she is a Founder and CEO of Business Style International Network (BSIN), and Women Leaders International Network (WLIN), strategic consultant in Commerce and Education, she is also a President of Prince and Princess Academy, and Pro Image Academy specializes in forming personal style and providing strategic direction for many International Education groups in Vietnam. Especially, she is the most outstanding in the role of General Director of Nam Huong Corp which has over 20 years experience in full strategic consulting in media and events.


Runner-up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong (Helen Nguyen) – General Director of Nam Huong Corp,  Strategic Consultant of Brand & Personal Brand


By possessing great consolidated expertise and experiences, Runner up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong has attracted many large firms that have special desire in strategic consultant and branding. For instance: Nguyen Hoang Group, Capital Land, Liberty Central, Vin Home, Sam Sung, Capella, AIMS, Long Beach Pearl, FLC……The latest education project was International Education City – IEC ( A member of Nguyen Hoang Group) destined in Quang Ngai Province, which has just been launching on 28th June 2019, and it was recorded as over 1000 students applied right after the launching day.



The strategic partners that runner Thu Huong and Nam Huong Corp have successfully advised over the years


With experiences accumulated, Runner up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong has agreed to become Mylina Group’s strategic consultant in the coming years.


Ms. Thu Huong is radiant and prominent in “Mylina Group – 20 years anniversary”



After 2 decades of continuous development, Mylina Group has grown to be one of a leading manufacturer and distributor in aroma and natural oil extracted products. Besides, they have never stopped expressing their eternal effort in conducting research and quality advancement, which is directly contributed to the development of natural domestic products industry. Moreover, aligning with the GMP standard raw materials delivered to Vietnamese medical, cosmetic and food manufacturers, domestic and international healthcare institutes. Mylina also owns many prestigious brands, cater to delivering healthcare and beauty products from natural ingredients that promote a safe, convenient and sustainable beauty. The products are currently distributed in supermarkets, retails, beauty stores, salons, spa, and online channels… and exported to international markets, for instance, Germany, US, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia…


Mylina Group staff


As a consultant, Runner up Mrs World Thu Huong will figure out new strategies to maximize the brand image by creating a brand identity system and constructing multimedia channels to raise the community awareness about Mylina products. Nevertheless, Mrs. Thu Huong will utilize the ultimate strength of 4.0 Technology that helps to bring Mylina to a new brighter future.



Members of the Executive Board of Mylina Group


Not only doing well in strategic consultant, Mrs Thu Huong is entrusted with the responsibility of building personal branding for the Board of Directors and the next generation of Mylina Group. The purpose of this signing ceremony, on December 20, Ms. Lam Thi My Dung – Chairwoman of Mylina Group and her daughter Nguyen Chau Linh – The next generation have joined the shooting session of the Pro Image Academy, under Nam Huong Corp to gradually enhance the personal brand image as a professional leader.




Some pictures in the shooting session executed by Professional Image Academy – A member of Nam Huong Corp


Besides, the Mylina Executive Committee participates in the training courses organized by Nam Huong Corp including “Inspirational arts for leaders”, “How to shine outstandingly in public”…. under the guidance of Runner up Mrs World Thu Huong.


“How to shine outstandingly in public” Course


On December 27th, under the direction of Runner-up Mrs World Thu Huong, Nam Huong Corp has successfully organized the Mylina Group – a 20-year journey anniversary at Intercontinental Saigon Residences with the participation of more than 300 guests. Especially, this occasion is a valuable opportunity to the Board of Directors, and the employees of Milyna to learn the past records, and to come up with new plans; promising new goals and remarking a memorable journey in conquering the domestic and foreign aroma market of Mylina Group.





Some pictures in “Mylina Group – 20 years anniversary”


Sharing this time, Runner-up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong said: “Mylina Group is a large and very potential business. Thereby, investing in building a personal branding for the Board of Directors is an indispensable factor, since attaching the brands in light with the business mission strategy is a must to any entrepreneurs. If you desire your brand and personal branding to shine successfully, Nam Huong Group is the considerable option in media and strategic consulting, we ensure that Nam Huong will offer Mylina the best knowledge and experience”.



Ms. Thu Hương gave a special gift from Celin Brand to Mylina’s representative 


From the Representative of Mylina Group, Ms. Lam Thi My Dung – Chairwoman and CEO of Mylina Group has stated: “Nam Huong Corp is a prestigious media and strategic consulting corporation. We believe that with the expertise from Thu Huong – Branding and Personal Branding Strategy Consultant, in particular, and Nam Huong Media team in general, myself and the Board of Directors will follow strategic directions, asserting the self-image as well as upgrading the Mylina brand image to a new level ”.


Ms. Lam Thi My Dung – Chairwoman and CEO of Mylina Group


Being invited to be a strategic development advisor to Mylina Group reflects the long-term prospect of cooperation between Runner-up Mrs World Thu Huong and Chairwoman Ms. Lam Thi My Dung. Hopefully, with her solid experience and background, Runner-up Mrs World Thu Huong will bring Mylina Group continues to assert their brand position and conquer the global aroma market in the near future.

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