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Goodbye Mrs Asia Globe Isabelle Liow PJK - Thank you for your effort and non-stop dedication

After “a long battle” with cancer, on November 6th, 2020, Mrs Asia Globe 2013 Isabelle Liow PJK breathed her last in the endless mourning of family and friends, relatives, and community. The Women Leader International Network would like to say goodbye to Isabelle Liow PJK – A compassionate beauty, loved by many people until the last moments of her life.

Isabelle Liow PJK – A compassionate beauty

Ms. Isabelle Liow PJK is known as a beauty who won in many prestigious beauty contests around the world such as Timeless Elegant Queen of Miss Malaysia Kebaya 2012, Passion & Commitment – Young Professional Award 2013, Mrs Asia Globe 2013 & 2014, Mrs. Malaysia Global Queen 2013…  Besides, she is also a Committee Member of Malaysia Chinese Woman Entrepreneurs Association MCWEA; Ambassador of Shark Savers Malaysia –  I’m Finished With Fins; Honorary Secretary of Lions Club Putrajaya Royale.



During her incumbent days and the days after that, she has made a lot of contributions to social activities in Malaysia, helping many situations to overcome initial difficulties, giving them confidence. believe and energized to live better every day. Thanks to meaningful and compassionate activities, Isabelle Liow was awarded a medal to active social activists by the Governor of Melaka, Malaysia.

President of WLIN Malaysia and Mission “For the Advancement of Women”

Ms. Isabelle Liow JPK was one of the first members who joined hands with Runner up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong to build and develop WLIN Global in the role of Vice President of WLIN Global Network as well as President of WLIN in Malaysia. WLIN Global through 7 years of establishment, has developed in many countries around the world, creating a useful playground for women.


Ms. Isabelle Liow and Runner up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong – President of WLIN Global

Desiring to create a playground for Women Leaders in Malaysia to connect, accompany, and develop, Isabelle Liow decided to establish WLIN Network in Malaysia. Since its establishment up to now, WLIN Malaysia has become the second home of the women leaders here with borderless exchange programs, especially the contests honoring the value and beauty of women, including Classic & Mrs. Chinatown International Pageant & Mrs. Malaysia Globe 2018 and Mrs Fashion World 2019 with the participation of dozens of candidates come from many countries around the world. With her care and professionalism, the events organized by her not only cause a great resonance in women leader community in Malaysia but also spread on a global scale.


Classic & Mrs. Chinatown International Pageant & Mrs. Malaysia Globe 2018


Mrs Fashion World 2019

Furthermore, representing WLIN Malaysia, Isabelle Liow also regularly appears at forums in many countries around the world with the desire to promote feminism, for the equality and advancement of women. This is also one of the biggest goals she is determined to pursue.




Isabelle Liow has also come to Vietnam many times to participate in and contribute to events organized by WLIN Vietnam such as: Speaker at the WLIN Global Forum; Judge of the WLIN Asean Beauty Queen Program; BSIN & WLIN Business Festival, …



For her outstanding dedication to women, the community, and society, she was honored to be nominated for the following outstanding awards including Top 50 Asia Pacific Women Leaders Award 2018; Top 50 Women Leaders International Award 2019…

An inspirational story about her journey of striving to live and contribute to the community

Having faced with cancer a few years ago, Mrs. Isabelle Liow PJK has undergone many chemotherapies with the hope of living and contributing more to society. Although she was dealt with a terrible illness, Isabelle never allowed herself to give up. The encouragement from friends and relatives, family, and friends is her hope and motivation to overcome her adversity.


Goodbye Isabella Liow PJK, keep smiling like this forever!

From her own story, Isabelle Liow wants everyone to raise their awareness about cancer. We should have methods to detect cancer early, from which there are timely treatments to not suffer physical pain as well as the emotional loss for loved ones. She used to be the ambassador of a program to raise awareness about cancer prevention. Her inspirational story serves as a warning to everyone.

Now, all the pain will be gone. Although life closed, the echo and the good things that she did are still there. Death is not necessarily the end but a new beginning in a new land. Goodbye Isabelle, I hope you rest in peace!

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