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Runner – up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong (Helen Nguyen) – General Director of Nam Huong Corp

    Mrs. Nguyen Thu Huong was born in 1979 in Hanoi, in a family whose father is a director of a transportation company, her mother is an engineer. Thu Huong majored in Journalism at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU Hanoi. Mrs. Nguyen Thu Huong is currently the General Director of Nam Huong Investment and Communication Joint Stock Company – An enterprise with nearly 20 years of experience in the media field. She is also known as a Strategic and Branding Consultant.  

    Runner - up Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong (Helen Nguyen) - General Director of Nam Huong Group; Founder & CEO of Women Leaders International Network - WLIN Global & Business Style International Network - BSIN Global; Founder of  Women Startup Network; President of Pro Image Academy; Strategic and Branding Consultant

    • CAREER
    After graduating from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU Hanoi at the age of 21, Ms. Thu Huong opened a communication company - specializing in media and branding. In 1995, Thu Huong became famous when crowned as the highest in the Miss Sport Beauty Pageant. December 28th, 2002 on the lunar calendar, more than 600 million copies of the first digital shopping magazine were officially launched. In 2004, her company published 7 magazines per month, becoming one of the top 3 publishers in Vietnam. In 2006, Thu Huong appeared on VTV3 as MC of the Women in 21st Century, The secret of getting rich. From the position of MC on television, Thu Huong decided to become a businesswoman. She opened a company, and then accepted the role of acting in the “Co thu ky xinh dep” and “Am anh xanh”. However, she also turned to journalism, working as a producer of Cam Nang Mua Sam - a magazine for women and entrepreneurs. In 2007, her company changed its name, adding new fields of investment and event organization, in parallel with magazine publishing. In 2011, Thu Huong became the representative of Vietnam to participate in the Mrs World 2012. At this contest, Thu Huong excellently won the title of Runner-up 2. Thu Huong has 20 years in the field of communication, strategic consulting and is the President of WLIN & BSIN Global; Founder of the Top 100 International Business Style program; Founder of Asean Beauty Queen; President of Pro - Image Academy; President of  Women Startup Network - WSUN ...  
    • FAMILY
    Mr. Nguyen Hoai Nam is known as the husband of Mrs. Nguyen Thu Huong. He is currently the General Director of Berjaya Vietnam, Owner of Sarajevo Football Club, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jeep Vietnam. Mrs. Thu Huong is always admired for a happy family and a successful career.
     “I will live like water, can be flexibly changed to adapt to the living environment. Water can dissolve things, but other things cannot dissolve water. Water can make others feel at peace, but when needed, it can still wipe out and wash away everything”.  “What has gone down, the more you try, the more it will go down. What is a trend, just push, it up ".  “The world has changed, the era of giant dinosaurs is over. This is the time when geckos can change color to survive. That is the fact that we are flexible in business operations, able to keep up with the trends and developments of the times. We reduce the hard structure, enhance the soft structure, increase the connectivity, dare to overcome all your limitations, give up the past glory, and renew yourself. I can do it, you can do it too!".

    Translated by Katie Nguyen